MKE #1 – Week 8 – I Fairly Sizzle! A Positive Turn

What a week, there is so much to get done!  I feel I keep repeating this like a mantra. Ah ha!  Bingo. No wonder things have been flowing like this.  I am choosing it to be this way.  I am aware of how the mind works yet sometimes these very simple nuances to what we know sneak in and can try and sabotage all the good we are striving for and doing.  Subby can be very sneaky indeed.

Overwhelm is by the clock.  Just doing what needs doing is by the compass.  With the compass, it’s easy and breezy. Just move forward in the direction of my dreams. What I focus on expands, What I forget atrophies.

It came into my awareness this week, via a CD on prosperity that I was listening to, that Charles Fillmore, one of my favorite mentors, wrote, at the age of 94, this statement.

“I fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm, and I spring forth with a mighty faith to do the things which ought to be done by me.”

From this moment on, I am changing the overwhelm feelings and replacing (Law of Substitution) it with “look what I get to do” excitement! ) Not have to do, overwhelm.  I Get to do!  I fairly sizzle!!

The awareness that things are definitely sinking into my thought pattern’s more deeply is exciting. This does provide me with zeal and enthusiasm.


How exciting is that!  I can’t help but feel happy to just utter the word.  Imagine what I can accomplish when I allow my days to be led by this spark within.  It is like the embers are being fanned into a full flame of enthusiasm.  (and my old subby is still trying to hold on strong)

I am not worried.  I have mighty faith!  It can be hard to let go of what we are emotionally attached to.  Yet with Love in my heart. I spring forth, as I am transforming subby and planting new roots for subby to take hold of and grow in love with. Hence forth, these new fruits bare only those ideas put forth by my new healthy and success filled blueprint and I co-create with spirit, all that I desire and more.

My days are magically shifting and I observe many of my past unconscious reactions as positive “actions” which I am choosing, on various levels of being and doing and on a much larger scale than they have ever happened in my life before.  I am being steered away from things that I have  subconsciously allowed in my life and in observing these moments I hear myself saying things like, you don’t need that, that is not for you to do, you just do not need that  thought anymore…etc.  Affirming words to my new choices and I just sort of realized it was happening  seemingly effortlessly.  That is the coolest part.  To know new thoughts are replacing the outdated thoughts on a very tangible level is fun to experience.  So I welcome any seeming upheavals in my world.  It is just clearing out the old to bring in the new. Keep on revealing, I’ll keep on healing.  With a mighty faith, I am doing those things that ought to be done by me, Today!

I am getting clearer and anchored more and more into the MKMMA on a daily basis.  I  have a purpose in life and I am fulfilling that purpose now.

I fairly sizzle!!   How about you?


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Master Key Mary - November 21, 2015

Sizzle, I love the word and the sound. We should all sizzle!

mlesmasterkey - November 21, 2015

Great blog! Thank you. it re-ignited some of my sizzle that was about to fizzle <3

Leanne - November 21, 2015

Keep sizzling and healing, and doing the things that ought to be done by you today!

run4change - November 24, 2015

I just love your enthusiasm

MasterkeybyLorenz - November 26, 2015

I like the style how you express yourself. Compliment Deanna!

patsrick1943 - November 27, 2015

Sizzle with zeal! Aren’t we glad for the Law of Substitution? And the Law of Dual Thought? We are all on the heroes journey. And we are excited that we can frame our future with our thoughts and feelings. Yahoo! Great post.


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