MKE #2 – Week 7 – Pure Imagination



I was in Las Vegas, Nevada just weeks ago for a business Event and my hotel had a small casino attached to it.  One evening, after my event,  I ventured out to play in the casino Just to have fun since I was in Vegas.mkmma-willy-w

I located two slot machines that were Willy Wonka themed and I was filled with so much joy as the music played and scenes from the film were played that I  started to win on almost every roll and I believe that the fact that I was seated in this radiating energy of pure happiness was a big reason for the experience.  I was so non-attached to the outcome and that was fun for me.

I started to think of words I had read in the lessons, the Greatest Salesman, cards and all the other positive verses that filtered through my mind while sitting there playing.   I poured gratitude and love into what I was doing and the machines kept paying off.  People were starting to gather round as the status on the machine kept going to “Big Win”.  I was literally laughing out loud and singing the songs and interacting with the characters and I did not care what it looked like to anyone.  I was a kid in a candy store, A kid in willy Wonka’s Factory.  Whee, Such fun! I  laughed to myself as a man that was playing the machine I sat at had given me his seat with the comment that the machine was “cold”  I had other feelings so I sat down and played.


I returned home and told my kids about it and they smiled knowingly and they spoke of their memories and love for the film.  My daughter and I sat down to watch the movie together just the other night and I had a lot of great memories flooding in from my experience in the casino and from a film that always offered me joy and the magic of creation all wrapped up in delicate candy wrappers of song, witty humor and fun!

For me, It is such a reminder that we are never limited as to what our imaginations, our thoughts can create. Dream Big. It’s all possible!   Enjoy a clip from a classic movie that I will never tire of watching.

Namaste, Thank you for reading my blog!

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Ford Ford - November 18, 2016

My first Willy Wonka! Mahalo.

MasterKeyNatalieZ - November 21, 2016

Thank you Deanna. I can feel your enthusiasm through your words. My Uncle was playing machines once and hit big on one, while waiting with casino representatives standing there hit big on the second machine – tens of thousands on each – people were shocked. The bigger shock came two weeks later when he did a similar thing in the opposite order – unattached to the outcome other than the pure enjoyment of the moment, I love it.

    Deanna Bordelon - November 23, 2016

    Thank you Natalie! I am having fun and still learning to just enjoy the ride without the need for reciprocity. Yet when the reciprocity comes, it is complete validation to me as to what being aware and practicing Universal laws can unfold into my life.

Catherine - November 28, 2016

Great post ! Thanks for sharing

thomas - November 28, 2016

Thank you for sharing! i loved it Deanna :).

and i love the story of Willy Wonka it fits right in my way of dreaming and using my imagination 🙂

greetings from belgium

    Deanna Bordelon - November 29, 2016

    Thank you Thomas. Happy you loved it and I know what you mean about it fitting in. For me as well and through this experience came the joy of it all flooding back into my awareness.
    Greetings from TEXAS, USA

Brenda - December 4, 2016

Wow! The memories of Willie Wonka! I can taste the chocolate now, through Pure Imagination! Great post!


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