MKE #1 – Week – 28 – Miracles & My journey Home

The time has continued to pass post MKMMA. I observe the slow down of activities, of posts, of interaction of weekly tasks.  I wonder what everyone might be doing and wonder if they are incubating in the cocoon imageof the MKMMA that was built around them and thriving and or struggling to become that butterfly in the making.  I’ve continued on in the March to 3000 and in my desire to be a guide.  It’s a full undertaking yet I’m learning and open to more because I fully believe in what has been/being created here.

I’ve taken a sort of respite (so I thought) and came home to Colorado this week to visit my family. Yet I could feel the pull into something bigger. something more that was urging me here. I was supposed to be in Oregon for a women’s retreat.  I had to cancel as my friends father in law passed away, she had to end up working, the retreat was three hours away and it was just not meant to be after all.  My ticket which had already been purchased, had a layover in Denver, my hometown.  I was all set to cancel the trip.  Then Monday, during my sit, I was inspired to call the airline and ask if I could just use a prtion of my flight, having me land in Denver and not take the leg into Oregon.  I could feel that this is where I needed to be.  It all flowed perfectly. The airline had no problems with my request with no extra charges to do so.  imageWe had a bit of a deterant at the airport at first, yet all was settled, even though we almost missed the flight.  We were boarded with one minute to spare of the doors being locked and shut.  Confirmation that despite appearances, we are meant to be going.  Old peptides tried to get me to think opposite, like perhaps we shouldn’t be going. Yet with my training and my beautiful daughter who is my greatest mastermind partner. We laughed, held a deeper knowing and floated away on wings of angels.

And as Spirit would have it when we remain open, the miracles started to flow even greater.  we started to be gifted with validation all around us.  Spiritual and physical.  I became deeply aware that  the reason for my trip was for more expansion and a return to deeper depths of the self I had let go of for so many years.  The Self that is the truth of me and who I was born to be.  The one that danced with life from the start before the music was turned down, barely audible.  Another necessary cleansing and healing.

Yesterday, while taking a non directed nature drive with my father and kids, I was led to a holy place in the mountains, a place visited often as a child and a place that I loved. Yet I did not realize until visiting again, the significance held for me there. I had not thought of this place for years.  All but forgotten..

In this beautiful mountain space where I sat and meditated, where I drank from the sacred waters that have  flowed freely for century upon century, came A surprise to my soul in deep recognition of  vision, love and greatness.  It came from the energy of the beautiful, stong and visionary woman and nun, St. Francis Cabrini.  It was she who founded this lovely facility in the late 1800’s as a missionary to the U.S. and lover of all people. Especially orphans.

imageMother Cabrini is considered in the Catholic faith to be the patron saint of immigrants.  Although I was raised Catholic and I honor my roots, my beliefs now differ slightly.  I believe there is only One divine energy in the Universe and as She states, “Your God is my God forever.”  So whatever you choose to call and resonate with as Spirit or not, to me, It’s all GoOD.  This is not about religion.

My visit to this shrine blew me open on a level that has no words.  It’s deeply heartfelt. I recognized myself through her works and to my inner truth of love and of being of service to all. I recognized she and I share the same spirit and her vision and strength inspired me and matched my own. I felt her energy and her urging me to follow my dream because I was to help multitudes of people. I froze in the seemingly grandeur of the vision in front of me.  I felt like running. Yet I also felt the truth within. Keeping this awareness,  her vision, her strength, her faith is here to assist me and I felt that She is to help me focus.


I did not plan this,  I asked and allowed.  This is how my answer unfolded.  I would have not thought this when first embarking on this trip home.   I would have not thought this up on my own yet happy I allowed myself to be guided and happy I recognized the flow. Signs are being delivered everywhere, and if that was not enough energetically;  I received a tangible symbol of validation at the spot where I first sat in receiving the messages being offered me.  This lovely and precious coin. Sparkling blue and silver and an angel.  Something I connect to deeply.  I am grateful the Universe presented this gift to me. It appeared in front of me after I had these realizations through my sit.

If I can offer anything this week it is to remain OPEN to your own personal messages and truth.  Your soul already knows.  I’ve been releasing periodically through tears. Not of sadness, but of truth.  My heart is bursting open wider than it ever has and deep love floods out like a dam being released.  It’s all good and great, it’s more letting go, more releasing and its accepting greater joy, harmony, abundance, LOVE… That’s all I need to do is LOVE!  It’s the umbrella that I carry to shield myself from any seeming storm that  attempts to rain down on my parade. Of my own resistance and rain that I may bring to my parade.   I am using and living greater into the law of least effort.  In that, miracles are showing up in ways that have me shaking my head in gratitude.  Today, I laugh at the world because it really is not so serious!  And the tears, are of joy that I’ve returned home!



Namaste, thank you for reading my blog!

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dannycl - April 26, 2016

What a GREAT blog! Yes it has been quite in the blog arena. I must admit I am enjoying the down time from the MKMMA just a bit longer than I prob should be.
Thanks for the inspiration.
I will be blogging shortly.


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