MKE #1 – Week 27 – Touched By the Slow Loris

This week I am looking around at the seeming senseless violence that is taking place around the globe. There appears to be so much unsettledness out in the world and my heart longs that each individual somehow come to the gift of knowing who they really are.

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I can’t help but feel deeply, that if everyone was taught the principles and methods that we have studied in the MKMMA and Go90Grow that the world would be in so much more harmony because people would have inner love and peace and perhaps there would not be the lower energy swirling that leads people to undertake processes like this cruel animal trade mentioned in the video.

I know some may not agree with me and might approve of owning a beautiful wild creature like this.  Yet how often do we really look past the surface in our desires for gratification in filling a need?   I wonder how many really looked past the cute adorable Loris and thought as I first did, that it was just a calm and mellow sweet darling being groomed, lightly tickled and held.  I was aware of the animal lover in me wanting to reach out and touch the adorable creature yet in actuality,  the Slow Loris is the one that touched me.

I could feel my inner knowing saying, hold on to the animal lover in me.  The animal lover saw A sweet notion that the Loris was being cared for by someone who knew how.  My inner knowing however, knew this was a wild animal and I believe all wild animals belong in the wild and not confined to be pets. As nurturing as we humans view this kind of touch,  it turns out this particular kind of touching or handling is torture to the Slow Loris.  Truth is…things are not always what they seem.  Awareness is Key.


May all sentient beings be loved and respected for who they are.  This really touched my heart today so I am sharing it out.  Please watch the video and sign the petition if you are moved to do so.

Having this brought to my awareness today, I move myself further and go into the thoughts, That  I promise to always observe and ask myself if what I am about to undertake is for the highest and best good for everyone or everything involved.  Then I listen to my inner knowing, my compass and follow that guidance.   I think for myself and give thanks to my work withinthe MKMMA for holding me here.

My vision is this…

eye of the world

The Master Key is going to reach around the globe. Each person it touches is going to go out and live it which will touch everyone they know on one level or another. We become, we teach.  This is what I see being taught to children from the beginning of their lives here Earth side. This is what I see as a way to heal this planet of discord, loneliness, disenfranchisement, hopelessness,fear…  I see it as the path which will bring back  True harmony, peace and love.  a world that works for everyone.  It all begins within and we have a lot of people to feed.

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.  I hope some day..You’ll join us.  And the world will live as one.”

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Namaste’  Thank you for reading my blog!

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dannycl - April 17, 2016

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope some day..You’ll join us. And the world will live as one.”

Ah! Another great Beatle song. They were so far ahead of the times.
Great post! Nothing wrong with being a dreamer! For without dreams we would not be able to find our bliss, No?
I’m on your side Deanna, and petition is signed.


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