MKE #2 – Week 24 – We’ve only just begun!

Are we finished already!  The MKE has had it’s final session for the season yet I am only just beginning.  This has been my second time through The Master Key Experience and it will be the continuum to where I put my energies.  It is where I continue to serve while being served.

I have studied Spirituality and Universal laws for Three decades and have learned much about life, myself and the Awesome Universe that we live and co-create through.  When brought to the MKE I felt it was right up my ally with what I love to enrich my soul with.  Although it has been like many of the other courses and trainings I have done.  The MKE is different and It has enriched my life in remarkable ways.  For me and I feel for many others is that we truly are a mastermind and we all share daily or vast knowledge with one another and spend such immersed time together on this journey that this “village” or “tribe” as you will, has supported me and those on this journey in only a way that those two tag words can. We do this together and I feel this makes all the difference.  As I have learned.. No one makes it without a mastermind.  This one is tried and true.  The real deal.  Think about it!

I have had the blessing of really paying it forward in the MKE by being a certified guide to so many wonderful souls on the same path of reaching goals and of the desire to create their definite major purpose coming to fruition.  I am grateful to witness the transformation of their lives into their dreams and of supporting and working together to manifest a life by design.  It’s been a full year as a guide and I am choosing to move further into this role next for next season as a master guide. It really parallels all I have done to this point and what I truly have a passion for, and that is to guide others to live a life of Soulfillment, happiness and harmony.  Living a life with Grace, faith and love.

An old song for sure, yet it just popped in my head and so I flow with it.  It fits here and I love the words.  And music has been such an important part of my life, my families life and fills my mind with creative possibilities. It speaks to me on many levels.

Within the MKE I have learned much about others, myself and I believe that just as the Universe is ever expanding, so is our consciousness.  Our creative factor is unending and this excites me for the possibilities.  One is never to old to start and never to young to learn something new and the truth.   The MKE is a powerful force (How can it now be when we are c0-creating with Universal energy) and I am grateful to my friends Don and Leanne for sharing it with me.   I encourage you, if you are reading this, to get involved if you desire real, true and lasting change in any area of your life.  I encourage you to get involved if you would like the edge of achieving more and doing so in an immersed, condensed learning style that works.  I encourage you to get involved with this awesome community of enlightened souls who are all in this together working for the higher good of all.  

The Master Key Master Mind Alliance has only just begun.  I can’t wait to see what the new season brings in September.  Kudos to all the members who finished and finished strong.  This is your life.  Live your best version now.  It’s  the place to be in 2017!

To get on the wait list for September 2017, click HERE.  You will be happy you did!

Namaste’ Thank you for reading my blog.

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