MKE #2 – Week 23 – Finishing strong…a small pause.

It was my week of silence that took me down a road to many weeks of deep reflection and change and I stopped posting for a few weeks.

Although I could feel the nudge from my subconscious to get this done, I am not going to dwell or even go into a negative about it. And I am happy to point out to subby,  that I refuse to be guilted because I know I am divinely guided no matter what it looks like to you.  am choosing to be in a no resistance zone.  I am good to go and in my flow. I was at full choice in my decision and it was a very conscious choice to go into the other elements in my world needing my full attention and so there I went.  I am a winner, I finish things yet sometimes life has another agenda that we just have to deal with before we get to the finish line.  Like a runner needing to stop and tie her shoes before she can finish the race and not trip over the laces.  It’s only a minor slow down and she can still finish strong.  Writing this, I know that life was seemingly crashing around me.  My Father, One of my children, home base challenges and some of my own physical challenges kept me from moving at a quicker pace.  Within the Master Key,  I was doing everything except blogging because for me, writing takes much more time than I realize when I have to serve others and not just myself.  I write from the zone as I love it and then it is just the compass that guides me.   Now I am back and happy to be plunking away at the keyboard.

The gal in my glass knows how much I do on a daily basis and told me to cut myself some slack.  I am like a humming bird and can be going in many directions throughout my day my wings going a mile a minute while I hover over my life and go about my daily tasks in all that is mine to do.  It’s all manageable, it’s just packed full. I have advanced study classes, coaching classes,  the MKE as a guide and participant, Go90grow, homeschooling, parenting and building business.  It was time to pull back a bit and take care of myself and family as I so love to do.

It is one of my passions to be a stay at home mom entrepreneur.  Staying home with my family is why I do what I do that allows me to work under my own terms.  I like freedom and I aim to keep that intact for the way I choose to live my life.  So God first, family second, career third and so on.  My gauge in knowing I am in alignment and in harmony is the way I feel and I have to say, I am happy. Happy that I allowed myself the time to reflect and get back to the place of writing more blogs.  I also reflected on what kinds of blogs I am doing going forward.  The time spent away from the press has been all good.

I trust that through this process, the universe has been re-directing me to reach higher, to shift.  That has been my experience.  When I feel I am at a Plateau, I know where to go and that is into introspection and observation then a willingness to open even further.   Family matters  superseded my blogs and I am in harmony with this.   I dialoged blogs in my mind, thinking that I at least thought about it with some clarity and depth.  I choose to keep myself from creating here on the blog other than to put in my titles and not write out my thoughts because I felt it more important to put family first. And that folks, feels in harmony to the highest good for all.  Holy shift!

Now going forward, I am refreshed and looking forward to more sharing.

Namaste, Thanks for reading my blog!

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