MKE #2 – Week 21 – Love Who You Are

Today more than ever I am feeling blessed to be me.  I could not always say that.  I grew up in a environment of self doubt, fear and ridicule shame and blame.  Yet I am happy that I did because It provided me the contrast to know what I do not desire.  It prompted me to become a wonderful loving and nurturing mother to my four wonderful home birthed and home schooled children and It started me on the journey of self reliance and a Spiritual quest that brings me to where I am today.

I’m a blessing to the world and you are a blessing to the world, We all are blessings to the world.

I am happy that I know that it’s okay to desire more.  I desire more in the way of happiness, harmony and balance.  More in the way to serve others and to love myself for my own unique gifts. I open myself up to the avalanches of abundance that are brought to me through the love I pour out to others and through the channels of service I provide and following my passions in life. I am Knowing that my gratitude is a magnet for prosperity on all levels of being.

I know that I am here on purpose, for purpose and that I am purpose. I am here to be a voice of love, light and a guide for helping others create the life of their dreams.  What more could a girl want…Ahhhhh…

I’ve spent a lifetime in this Earth school and there are no degrees high enough to bestow upon the knowledge of life and to becoming spiritually awake.  The highest form of recognition is self love.

The Master Key Master Mind allowance has led me into a beautiful world of self discovery and freedom. The kind of freedom that comes from knowing you are always at choice.  The mastermind is superb and sharing the journey with other souls on the same path is what makes all the difference.  Intensive? yes, in the best way.   Life transforming? AbSOLutely!

We are opening up soon for more masterminds to join us.  All you need is your unique self and the desire to create your life by design. Your design.    Jump on our waiting list for Fall of 2017 by clicking HERE.  You’ll be happy you did.

Namaste’ Thank you for reading my blog

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