MKE #2 – Week 19 – The truth shall set you free

As this has been a month, yes for me a month, to put a greater than normal focal point  on”LOVE”, I would like to express that in my desire to create a lifestyle based in true unconditional love, it does not come without it’s tests to that fact of ” being.”

I have been given all sorts of tests to see and attest to myself where I am seated in my conscious awareness and true embodiment of the principles I seek to become.  I have bounced, flounced and you name it, been given ample opportunity to keep myself in check.  I am happy that, for the majority of my experiences,  I am now able to laugh off a vast majority of the things that used to trigger me.  Not 100% yet but I know that I have the thoughts running through my head that “The truth shall set you free”  I have learned to apply any emotion and thought to an experience as I see fit.  It happens more now  by default than by trying.   If I fall, so to speak,  I choose again and I am able to get myself out of my own way so much more easily now.  Like a kid, I’ve returned to more and more innocence.  I cry when I feel it.  I pout sometimes when I don’t get my way, I get discouraged, disappointed, triggered in fears,  yet I am real with what I feel in a more balanced way and then I get on with life.   I ask myself when the peptides rise “what age are you now?” I can smile over the seeming difficult moments and I know ‘This too shall pass’.  I am also in the awareness that they are  conditioned responses and also happen partly through my inherent  limitations in my color code which I can identify and convert to the positive aspects of my color code.   These negative responses are all starting to fall away because I choose to anchor in higher truth. I’ve really stepped into the unknown or my fears as I am moving further outside of my comfort zone and there have been nothing short of miraculous lessons in stepping out over the edge.  On the other side of the fringe is this world of expansion and delight.  Always.  I’ve not met with one fear that did not carry the element of Ahh on the other side when I’ve confronted it anchored in Spirit.

I find the words  “And the truth setting me free”  to be more valid than ever.  This has been my experience more and more as I keep peeling off the layers of untruth, lies and fears that either I have told myself or that my environment instilled in me.  It takes courage!  The courage to look deep within at lingering pain and discover all those things about me that I was conditioned to believe were bad or wrong are false.  It’s OKAY and perfect to be me.  Looking into what the varied and well meaning fear mongers put upon me when burying my sparkle under their cement  has not always been easy;  yet today, I can validate myself and I can let go knowing they were well intentioned for the most part and no longer necessary to my journey.

I am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious and Happy.  And so much more.  I am Loved to smithereens by ME.  and who am I?  A reflection of Spirit of course!  A spark of stardust living out a magnificent journey that I get to choose and create!  Free Will!  There’s that word again! “Free”!   I allow myself to be free within the workings of divine law and principles that allow me to choose to the highest expression of what I truly desire.  I desire God’s will and in saying this, I am saying that I trust that it is my will or choices, acting out within the divine creative expression or God’s will that is creating my reality.

I let go of guilt, shame, blame, lack, limitation and any other idea that would like to hold me back from living as my own unique expression of the divine.  

I went to parochial school when young and was brought up with Jesus all day long.  I “got” Jesus at a very young age, my love abounds, yet I learned through prayer and a “real” relationship with this master, that he was not the Jesus being taught to me.  My direct experience showed me so much more and why I can validate what I am writing here.   Jesus teaches us that God is at Hand.  Yes, I believe it so.  That means right here, right now. God is in and through my very being at all times. It is is also stated by this descended master to “First seek the Kingdom and all else will be added unto you.”  That has to be from within, not from without.  God expressing through me as me.  Through you as you.  It’s all right here with me in every moment.  There is only one power and presence and we are all in this together.  The microcosm within the macrocosm.  A drop of the ocean is still part of the whole of the ocean.  Yes!  “The truth shall set us free and I feel like I have taken flight on new wings since being a part of this mastermind and all the awesome souls we get to mingle and dance with on this journey.  It’s brought me full circle to anchor in what I know and to no let anyone try to shame me from it.  Cement!

I feel like I am starting to walk more and more like the great master Jesus and other illuminated beings in my thoughts, my awareness and in my actions to all of my life experiences and other fellow sentient beings.  It’s not that I think I need to be this way.  I have recognized that I AM this way.   How could I not be when I get in touch with the truth as the great MJ has.  I am no longer a religious person, yet I am a highly spiritual person and I love and honor my christian roots as well as other varied spiritual paths that I have come to understand and love.

I had a very profound enlightening experience when I was eight while in prayer/the sit/meditation. And my direct experience has me to conclude that there is only one truth, one Power and presence in the whole of the Universe.  This great master Jesus has been my guru for the whole of my life and I have a deep love for his teachings and the way he lived his life and still inspires mine and so many others.  Yowza!

Now saying all this. I had a recent experience with a loved one that shook me to my roots and yet I have learned to embrace the contrast.  It woke me up to deep peptides that must have been the first layer of cement to be cast upon me and one of the last to be hanging on.  I am proud to say I stayed in the love although bewildered and attacked to my very core.  Combat, defend and run from the pain was my first thought.  Although I could not understand, I did understand.  The critics around the incident could only see through fear. No one said a word or came to my aide.  I was not surprised as it’s easier for some to rug sweep and act like nothing is happening than to step up and ask for a change.   I cried and released and got in touch with my pain body and I am still processing.  At first I said, Really, again!  Yet if it was not for this mastermind and what I have given myself in staying the course,  I might just keep going to “reaction” instead of “action”  Forgiveness is easy when I trust that everything unfolds as I think and feel.

Being that I am fresh in this awareness of these peptides of long ago, it’s not as easy to let go,  yet I do just that  while going through my steps and I know where I and they are headed.  To complete transformation.  So the tug of war with my old and new blueprint has been interesting on this one.  Yet necessary so that it can be revealed and healed.  Those layers just keep falling off and shining my Golden Buddha to brilliance!

I suggest for each person who chooses this path, to research and get to the heart of these teachings and the true message given and not someone else’s made up version.  I may not have all the answers yet I know where to get them.  Begin within and discover your power to align and design your life in Unconditional love.  For yourself first and then to others.

Namaste’ Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.


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