MKE #1 – Week 14 – Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to all…


For years now, I have not put my mind into making resolutions.  As I started growing spiritually throuh my studies of universal laws, that are now integrated into my profession, resolutions no longer made sense. We are creative beings and in that, I chose to enter into resolve and evolve.

I resolve to stay spiritually awake, I resolve to share what I’m learning and have mastered in my life, to assisting  those who are brought onto my path.  It is my resolve to savor, implement and spread  my love  and knowledge of spiritual truth and the mind body connection. The body being manifestation.

All Universal laws, specifically all the laws of mind which I and others on the MKMMA journey are integrating Into our subby  has brought to me a host of enlightening experience for which I am grateful.  There has been contrast to reveal to me the areas I need to tweak and heal and insight into how I am operating in my world.

A great benefi which was a topic of discussion at my breakfast table this morning, has been a return to innocence as I like to call it.  As I repair my blueprint of conditioning, I am rediscovering my childlike essence and freeing my life and mind of conditioning that has either held me down or back.  I wonder if anyone else has felt or had similar experience of a return to innocence.


As the great master teacher Jesus taught when he stated in Matthew  18:3 “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven” I get this!  In my thinking this translates to retuning to my child like sense of wonder, trust,love, playful abandon and the authentic joy we are all born into.  A child lives in the moment , full of trust, love and faith of the journey of life. I believe as children we are in direct connection with our higher selves. (The Kingdom of Heaven)  We are open to receive, we are open hearted. Sadly, others then project in fear and untruth, elements that are not always beneficial to our soul nature and life expression.  We start to create blueprints that are not always serving the higer good.

Through the MKMMA, I have regained my childlike innocence.  I can be what I will to be.  I can imagine and soar to the higest hights of love. Staying out of competition and ground in creation.  I have learned to begin within and through this awesome coaching with Mark and Davene and the rest of the guides and group, I am really moving mountains with action and the persisitence to win at life.

I resolve to honor all beings on their path. We are all one and all in this together.  I am blessed and a blessing.   There is so much more to share,  yet my home is filled with all those I love most today and it’s a gift to be in their presence, so I am retuning now to celebrate life and be present with them.

peace to all who are embarking on the MKMMA journey and those it is yet to find.  When the student is ready the teacher will appear.

In gratitude…Happy New Year, may we all discover and live in truth.


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hmaimai - January 2, 2016

Thank you so much for that wonderful post. It definitely gives hope of joy, kindness and love! And I definitely have the same feeling of return to innocence as well if you ask. Especially when I am next to my hubby. I feel I am 18, relaxed, not asking myself any question and enjoying the moment. I had lost this feeling 17 years ago with my first pregnancy. Since then, my relationship with my body was all changed and charged with fear unconsciously. Today I am in total bliss! Happy New year and keep the good work on spreading the love!

    mkdeanna - January 4, 2016

    Thank you so much. I love the word bliss. It feels so perfect, whole, complete, loving, harmonious and happy to me. Happy new year my friend, it was lovely to hear you on the call yesterday.

masterkeymikep - January 2, 2016

thank you, a return to the child-like faith, love, and curiosity that we all once enjoyed is likely a long overdue venture

    mkdeanna - January 2, 2016

    Yes and I am marveling at how this is returning to me through the lessons and how my healing and shifting blueprint is allowing this to unfold. Happy 2016 Mike, thank you for your comment. Much appreciated.

movermasterkey - January 2, 2016

Resolution is a noun, and resolve is a verb, I believe. Believe is a verb as is resolve. Both are things we do.
Make a resolution. Make is the verb.
Believe the things you resolve to do will definitely come to fruition timely!!!!!!

mkdeanna - January 4, 2016

AbSOULutely my darling. LOVE of the highest order to you!

RyanMissler - January 6, 2016

Can Deanna come out and play? 🙂 I Promise To become more childlike this year! Happy New Year!


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