MKE #1 – Week 16 – Kindness matters

I was raised by my parents to be kind and to follow the golden rule. ” do unto others as you would have them do unto you” And I feel this is true yet it goes further for me.  I first need to treat myself in all the ways that feel loving and kind and I will attract this to myself.  It is a universal law.  I love all the ways in which each law really supports and melds into one another.  These laws are what I really believe and so grateful to have all the  varied ways of utilizing the laws through my mastermind group called the MKMMA and to be really taking them all in on deeper levels.

The kindnesses that I have done, observed, received this week and really most of my life has been sheer joy.  I know how it matters to me and I see on deep levels how it matters to others.  I see in anothers eyes, as I make loving and kind eye contact how much a simple kind smile can brighten ones day or a real and lingering hug or a kind yet genuine compliment or chat can really change the whole course of ones day. The playfulness that spontaneously arose out of simple kind and friendly meetings.  I relish these moments for they are the foundation of love, which for me goes hand and hand with kindness.

I didn’t think that my love of people could increase and it has.  The unconditional that I’ve been moving towards is bursting with the highest form of love and it all starts with kindness.

I thank my mom and dad and the spiritual upbringing they provided me and for teaching me this virtue so many years ago and for assisting me in the building of this principle in my life.

May we all be so kind as to love ourselves so that we can truly love one another.



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masterkeymikep - January 16, 2016

love the idea of treating yourself with kindness, thank you

hmaimai - January 16, 2016

Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading your post. And yes, “may we all be so kind as to love one another”, I am with you.

mlesmasterkey - January 17, 2016

Bravo… give yourself a big congratulatory hug! <3

Theresa Newell - January 18, 2016

I found the premise of your post interesting and different. Many of those I am reading this week focus on kindness. However beginning with being kind to oneself is different. I think I will add me to the recipient of the kindness I share this with. Thanks so much for sharing.

masterkeysaras - January 19, 2016



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