Enter Into Self Awareness

When I feel triggered in life by a person, place or thing. I now know that I am usually acting out of fear as a call to love.  I Forget in these moments who I really am.   It’s important for me to remind myself to be gentle, kind and compassionate with myself and to anchor in what I know is the truth.

That we are all interconnected. That the power and presence of the Universe breathes as me and is as close as my hand. The father and I are One.

When I heal myself, I help heal the planet the people, the location or the situation.   I have learned that  I can change my mind about my mind.  I am the one who decides my perception and  being self aware leads me in choosing from the truth of who I am rather than from fear based nonsense.

As within so without.  As above, so below.

I am responsible for what I think, feel and do.  When I am triggered, I can choose again and choose from a higher perspective in love.  Let love cast out all fear and allow me to live a life of self awareness, love and acceptance and to recognize this in everyone I meet.

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