MKE #2 – Week 20 – Being In Service

So here I am on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  Just finished an awesome webinar for The Guides of the Master Keys.


I have felt a tug from my gal in the glass the past few weeks as I have been latent here on my blog for reasons that have largely removed me from the Internet, with my energies being used to serve a couple of family members who are having rather serious contrast experiences to life.  Happy that I could be in the present and of service to my beloveds.  So to catch myself up and stay in integrity with what I value here.  I am keeping it short.  So my Gal in the glass is smiling with approval as well because it’s been a two fold of being in Loving Service which is always a good thing.

This time away has given me a great deal to reflect on, both in my sit and in the silence I often found myself in within it all.  Through this course of the MKE I have largely strengthened my thoughts to not to beat myself up with negative self talk or thinking. and to stay out of fear.  I have learned to live my life as my life and love myself even more. Sometimes shift happens that alters our responsibility because someone else needs our energies more.  It’s all GoOD!  I am happy to be present.



Namaste’ Thank you for reading my blog.

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