MKE #2 – Week 16 – Kindness Matters

mke hugss


This is week 16 and we are all asked to embody and notice the virtue of Kindness together.  To share in the alliances and to offer Hugs.mke hug

I have always been a hugger and so going out and specifically offering hugs to others was a huge pleasure and fun.  To really offer another a genuine hug Heart to Heart, creates a exponential energy that just keeps radiating out to others.  It was special for me knowing that many of us were out there offering “Free Hugs”  to our communities.  I can see in my own home, as we freely stop and just give one another hugs, how transforming and enhancing any and all situations become.   We linger and just bask in the energy of the moment; Taking in what is really important and that is to LOVE.mke hugs 2

Keep on giving hugs.  It always brightens the day and offers the gift of love to the one receiving and the one giving.  Give More Hugs!!!

Namaste’  Thank you for reading my blog

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