Hello I’m Deanna Bordelon. 

 Welcome to Purple Lotus Creations!

A Virtual Online Healing Arts Ministry and Creative Center.

You might be asking, what exactly is a healing arts ministry?

Here you will come across Ideas, suggestions, support and offerings,

all dealing with the optimal caring of YOU and your family!


Purple Lotus Creations offers support by ways of professional coaching and guidance,

inspiration and encouragement.


P.L.C shares, and promotes holistically based information through the offering of classes and workshops

from art therapy to artistic movement and more.


 In addition to my own commissioned original artwork and creations,  

I also promote products and ideas that I use or have used and recommend.  


Purple Lotus Creations is in the development stages of what I consider a sacred space

so please check back as I add more content and pages that will lead you to new resources

to discover and perhaps add into your lifestyle.


 Take what works and leave the rest and please feel free to reach out to me if you should need more information.  

I chose “virtual” healing arts center because the intent is to reach as many people as I can around the globe and rather than just locally.

 I believe that we are all creative beings and that we can be in total control of our health and our lives through the way we think and the action we take.  

I believe that our bodies are miraculous at healing when given the proper elements to do so and  It is a passion to assist and pass on

any and all ways in which I have discovered that we can live a spiritually centered, abundant, joy filled and optimal healthy and loving lifestyle, on all levels.

 Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually, Physically and Creatively.


   My goal is to inspire the beauty in us all to shine forth in all it’s unique brilliance.


 I am a single homeschooling mother of four wonderful and unique home birthed souls.

I chose to have my youngest’s birth at home and completely unassisted.


  I’ve raised my children with methods, strategies, skills and awareness to provide an optimal learning and nurturing environment.

 We allow for mistakes, we allow freedom to express and sometimes it’s feels chaotic and it’s real.  

We are not about having to be perfect human beings, we all have imperfect modes of operation sometimes, yet I do know that we are divine perfection.

We are  learning to live purpose filled lives together as a family and as individuals;  To fully respect and honor each other’s differences while maintaining healthy connection.  

I that I will say that we are all unique and different and I have learned that different personalities and differing core needs require different communication styles.

  A sense of humor goes a long way and as any parent or partner knows…

It’s not always easy no matter how much we love one another.

Our humor can and most likely will be tested!  

Mothering and being an entrepreneur has been a wonderful expansive journey in my own life.

 There are always new awarenesses to expand our consciousness into and practice in our lives to advance our own thinking and experience in living.


   I allow myself to be in a constant of growth and flow.

 I stay open to learning and developing constructive habits that bring my highest good into my world, whatever that may be.

I believe live in a mental universe in which life can look different for all of us and that’s part of the fun.  

We each have freewill to choose,

we get to create a life by design and it is my desire that I can inspire and guide people to their own self discovery to bring forth complete happiness and create a life of their dreams.

Where to start? 

I’ll give you a clue… 

It begins within.


 My professional services are

Compassionate Parenting,

Strategic Intervention advanced relationship coaching,

Spiritual and Health Coaching,

I Can assist you in creating a joy filled life of optimal health and well being.  

You can contact me here for rates, availability and to schedule a session.

It is my pleasure to offer you a “FREE complimentary 30 minute phone consultation”.


Giving yourself the gift of a happy, healthy lifestyle and relationships seldom happens without going through some challenges and mistakes.

Then learning successful strategies to allow the healthy to unfold.  

I believe that mistakes are a good way to learn and necessary. 

As long as we learn from them and keep moving forward, not purposefully intending to bring injury to ourselves or others.  

I hope you will visit often and find even one tidbit of information or resource that can enhance and assist you on your journey through life,

however that looks for you.


 INjoy your visit.  

Peace be the Journey!