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week 21:2 Love Who You Are
Today more than ever I am feeling blessed to be me.  I could not always say that.  I grew up[...]
20:2 Being In Service
So here I am on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  Just finished an awesome webinar for The Guides of the Master[...]
Week 19:2 The truth shall set you free
As this has been a month, yes for me a month, to put a greater than normal focal point  on"LOVE",[...]
Week 18:2 MasteringThe Law of Attraction
The law of attraction is that Like attracts Like.   I would like to come in and break this down a[...]
17:2. Courage
Courage was my chosen word and virtue of the week.  It is a word I don't really think about often[...]
16:2 Kindness Matters
  This is week 16 and we are all asked to embody and notice the virtue of Kindness together.  To[...]
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I AM a Licensed Holistic Life Counselor/Coach who is continually developing, learning new ideas and methods.

With the desire to share these gifts with others.

I AM a Visual Artist, focusing on commissioned portraits, Healing Mandalas and other visionary art.

I love to paint and create as it feels expansive to my soul.

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